Thursday, May 1, 2014

A visit to Melbourne

Melbourne is proudly home to the world's most unsuccessful bike share scheme.

Which is a shame in a lot of ways.

It has a lot going for it, a flat city, good cycleways, absurdly cheap rentals, and a very easy to use system.

But hardly anyone uses it, and I'll tell you why. The helmet law is credited with killing the bike share scheme.

Above, a long row of bikes forlornly waiting to be hired.

The system is so simple to use, and only $2.80 for the whole day - I'm sure that's cheaper than one ride on a tram. The cycleways are great - in many places they are kerb separated from traffic.

I am so going to do this next time I am here. This cycle rack is just opposite work and then there is an easy ride down St Kilda road to the great little cafe and generally bohemian St Kilda shopping area.

You can even get a helmet at the same time as you get a bike, many of the bikes have donated helmets, or even official ones that you can use.

Actually, not withstanding my earlier comments, it's a real shame that the scheme is so poorly used.

There's really no excuse.

If you're in Melbourne, give it a go - I know I will next time.

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