Saturday, May 3, 2014

First visit to Bottle Lake

So, today I went to Bottle Lake to try riding there.

This is the third Mountain bike track I've tried, after Mclean's Island and the Little River rail trail, and definitely the most interesting and challenging.

Well, ok, the bits in the photos aren't that challenging...

The area is huge, and there are lots of tracks of varying difficulty.

Obviously, I chose the beginner's level track.

I still ended up pushing the bike up a few hills, where the lowest gear (out of 30!), wasn't low enough. This was me though, because on at least one of the hills I saw other people flying up them.

Riding through the forest was pretty exhilarating, swooping in between trees, tight curves, and lots of up and downs.

At one point, the track was underwater, and wading was the only option - glad I was wearing my new Ground Effect shorts. My shoes and socks got soaked though, so that made the rest of the ride a bit squelchy, but also made me feel like a hard-core MTB rider(!).

The tracks are all different and I want to go back to all three. Maybe the next one will be McLean's island  - I'd like to see how the new bike (and my slightly improved technique and fitness) work out.

All in all, I'm really enjoying this new hobby. Fun, fitness, and technology all combined - what's not to like?

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