Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Another problem

The bike shop replaced both tubes.

While I was picking it up, I took the opportunity to ask what sort of bike I own (seemed like something I should know).

It turns out to be a 26" Mountain Bike - so there we are. And it's red.

It's definitely got three gears at the front, and 6 or 8 or something at the back, so it's somewhere between an 18 and 24 speed depending on the count.

I rode to and from work a couple of times.

My biking friends at work said how unlucky I had been to get a flat tire - 'that never happens on Mountain Bikes round town', 'I haven't had an MTB puncture in over 2 years, even on tracks', etc etc.

The next morning, the rear tire was flat.

#$%^&*(*&^%         $%^&*(*&^%

I loaded it into the ever reliable Jazz (never had a puncture), and took it the bike shop where we had a terse conversation.

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