Thursday, April 24, 2014

I've ordered a new bike!

I like my red mountain bike, but decided that it is a bit too entry level.

Modern Mountain bikes are just amazing, and there is so much choice of brands etc, that it gets very confusing and intimidating to try to work out what to buy.

I started by setting a budget (of $1000-1500) which narrows down the field a bit.

Then I decided that I really wanted 29" wheels - they are supposed to be smoother, easier to pedal, and better at handling bumps etc. The only downside seems to be a slight loss of agility compared with the more traditional 26" (which is what my red bike is). I don't care about agility at the moment.

I've read lots of review sites and have finally chosen a Rocky Mountain Cycles Trailhead 29.

It seems to have everything I want and the guys at work have approved the technical specs. The main point of interest there is that it is 10 speed at the back, so 30 gears to choose from!

In NZ, the bike shops apparently only get stock once a year, so if you miss out you will have to wait a while to get the bike you want....

So I went in yesterday to Bicycle Business and put down a deposit on one.

Ironically enough, today when I went to ride my red MTB, it had a flat rear tire (again!!!!!). I think there is definitely something wrong with that wheel that is causing this - that's the 3rd flat in 3 weeks. I'm going to take it into work and beg the guys to look at it, I've lost all confidence in the local bike shop.

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